Scathingly Brilliant Ideas!   Tenacity and A Colourful Approach to PR along with 28 years of experience in the field.  30 Years in the Music Business. Trained by 2 of the UK’s TOP Public Relations Specialists 


PR Campaign duration is a minimum 3 months but Ideally 6 months , it is highly recommended to continue on after that since PR is a process, a build up and it needs Maintaining. New Music, Old Music is all the same something will always be discovered by someone at some point, people need to know music is out there. What the hell is the point of having put music out if no one is going to hear it, musicians especially independent ones need PR to stand out from the rest.

PR is not just about the music it is about the artist too, people want to know about you then they will be more likely  want  to listen to your music.

WE also cover PR for Record Labels, Mngt and Entertainment companies.. Actors, Comedians, Films, Series, Authors, Food Trucks, Restaurants, Food Shops, etc~


PR is worldwide!

Enquire for rates on 3 month Campaign and a 6 month campaign~

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Everybody needs Publicity .. musician, comedian,  model, fashion designer, beauty product, actor to TV presenter.  From restaurateur, chef, food truck, bakery WE DO PR!   
Most people don’t think they can afford PR  or a PR Campaign  or for businesses a SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN.  We work with people and budgets~

From the Impersonators..thank you Al for all of your hard work. I've worked with a lot of folks in the music business during the past twenty years. I was just telling Antti the other day that you are the most trustworthy and consistent guy out of all of them. It's good to have you in our corner. I hope others you represent understand how much you deliver for the money you charge. I obviously know this having worked with more than a dozen PR agencies and publicists through whatever label I have been on at any given time. I'm lucky our paths crossed. 

What  is entailed...

These are the basics overall... each campaign is specifically tailored, campaigns for actors, films  and non musical clients entail different things.

  • Numerous and relevant press releases to what is going on 

  • Key Posts to social Media done strategically 

  • Posted press releases, interviews and happenings to Key blogs and magazines that Publicist contributes to; also at blogs and magazines that have close ongoing and working relationships with. NOTE nothing is guaranteed it is ultimately the decision of the Head Editors and Editors in Chief.

  • Submissions to Key Playlists and fm style streaming 

  • # Hashtags created for specific posts, customised  then piggybacked on specific others

  • Instagram links and client Tweets are reposted with concurrent hashtags on publicist main Twitter account 

  • PR is strategy, timing things out NOT putting it all out at once to everyone 

  • Each client's campaign is tailored to specific needs however PR is not laid out as A  then B then C happens. Years of experience has taught me that time and place saying enough but not too much is the key.

  • Remember Slow and Steady Wins The Race

  • PR takes time things do NOT happen instantaneously

  • PR is very different in nature from a radio campaign that has a specific date and chart that you are Paying a lot of money to be on. There is NO top 40 PR chart. With the number of albums and EPs along with single songs that come out on a weekly basis (the number is around 2000/month) not to mention the Music Video it takes time to build a buzz and get you to STAND OUT from the rest of the Pack~

  • Coverage is a goal but NOT the main Goal which is continual notability and staying on the radar just enough. Thusly PR is an ongoing Process that needs maintaining. 

  • Each blog/magazine post has a life run of 1 to 1 ½ months, all posts and interviews are staggered for best effect

  • Lead in times for magazines/blogs can be anywhere from a fortnight (2 weeks)  up to 2 months depending. There are exceptions to the rules the ones I write for are usually up within a week.

  • PR is a lot of Time And Effort. You pay for the amount of time, effort, and strategy the publicist makes on your behalf. It is up to you to help make sure time, effort, and strategy are part of the equation

  • PR is planting a Seed.. an Idea  it needs to grow~ a tonne of schmoozing . NEVER discount the many Unseen and Unheard Effects of PR  You never know when your publicist’s efforts will show up. For example, Not everyone who is going to see your YouTube video is going to view it the day you post it but over time the right person can see it and, an amazing thing may happen

  • If you are hiring a music publicist to see a spike in your sales, I have news for you: There is absolutely no correlation between getting great PR and selling music. PR is designed to raise awareness of you in the press and social media , to help build and share a story, as well as build up critical acclaim. Of course, a great article may lead to sales, but overall, if selling music is your goal, PR is not the only thing you will need. Why because of Streaming Services NO one really buys music anymore. To sell music you will also need to build a loyal fan base and take care of fans with constant communication and great offers Which is what a Publicist helps with.

  • Don’t pay attention to the followers or numbers things can be a slow build as Publicist we are constantly looking for new ways to get the word out!


Playlists~  Be wary of playlists that charge to get on, those listens and streams may get up the numbers but they are not actual people listening to your Music. Legit Playlist are run by people who do not get paid to do it, some of the best are found on www.soundplate.com  I run 3 of them and the have steady listeners on several platforms. MOST playlist curators do not get personally back to artists or publicists you just have to pay attention to the streams. It can take a while for results from playlists about 200 are added per week.


Additional Service that can be added ~  Running Twitter and Instagram account    

  • Not part of the Typical PR campaign but some clients can find this useful. For an added fee we can run your Twitter and Instagram posts at a more affordable rate

  • Twitter is relatively easy the most time consuming thing is Instagram posts  due to the fact of number of hashtags that are required 

  • 2 key posts on Instagram Monday through Friday includes key #’s

  • 4 Twitter posts per day with key hashtags 

  • Client must provide content


Blogs are vital in PR check out the PR Press Release and What's ON blogs


All press release now go on a publicists blog



Some Past & Current Clients

Over  the Past 28 years I have worked with tonnes of talented people and continue to

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